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We have been terrible procrastinators since we moved in January. We had started a lot of projects but they have been sitting unfinished for a while now. This past weekend we kicked it into high gear and got stuff done!

Here is a run down of the projects we’ve finished up:


Made cute sign for the garden:

(thanks to Sarah at Uppercase Living)





Our sunroom looks like a greenhouse with all the seedlings. We started a few dozen more seeds:


And at last my shelves are up for the spices:

(note: we actually had some shelves up and they were super weak so I went out to Home Depot and got these, they can hold up to 85 lbs! Much better than the other shelves that could only hold 3 lbs)



Curtian Rods are hung in the livingroom:


Finished Pillows for the sunroom furniture!

While I was away in CT I stopped in at Pottery Barn and walked out with these yellow cushion covers. It was a lot easier than sewing them myself (which was my original plan).



The picture above is where I took my nap after we finished all of these projects! I’m still pretty tired!

Today is Wednesday, so be sure to pop over to We Are That Family  for other great Works for Me Wednesday posts!


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Home Tour – The Sunroom

I submitted this post to this week’s I am Blissfully Domestic. Be sure to check out the other great posts.


On to the “tour”

I’ve had some request for an update on how the house is coming along. While we are moved in we still have lots of decorating to do, pictures to hang up, curtains to finish sewing and a few boxes to unpack. There is one room that I’m ready to share… the sunroom.

One of my favorite rooms in the house is the sunroom. It’s warm sunny and very welcoming.
I mentioned in this post that we were able to purchase some Potterybarn at the outlet for a bargain.
I was able to start sewing the covers for the cushions and pillows and I’m almost finished with this corner piece. I love sitting here in the morning with some coffee and having some quite time.

Sunroom Corner 2

Now here is a picture of the unfinished cushions and pillows – I’ve got to get motivated to finish these!! Behind this part of the couch there is a small table with 2 chairs that we usually have breakfast at. (table and chairs bought off Craigslist $20!)

Sunroom unfinished furniture

Also in the sunroom is an area for the kids to play. We put a little table (from Ikea) with 2 chairs (bought off Craigslist for $2 each) The built in shelves were a perfect place to put their coloring books, crayons and a few smaller reading books.

sunroom kids corner

I also recently ordered some beautiful vinyl lettering from my friend Sarah at Uppercase Living.  This is the one we have in the sunroom:

Let your Light so Shine

It’s such a good reminder:

“… let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in Heaven.” Matt. 5:16


And here is one that we have right inside the door:


I love the little birdie!


We’ve been here for 2 months now and I slowly starting to like how things are looking. We still have a lot to do!

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I love Potterybarn Outlet

I was out “browsing” at the Potterybarn Outlet that is in our area. I wandered over to the outdoor furniture section – mainly because of the huge red sign that read “70% OFF“.

I found a neat outdoor wicker corner seat, it would be perfect for the sunroom or outside at the new house. I looked at the price tag and it read $99.00, not bad but I figured the cushion and pillows were seperate. So I asked an associate. Not only were the cushions included but the price listed was BEFORE 70% OFF!!! That means this chair was only $30.00!! She also pointed out that there was another just like it availiable!! So I snagged both chairs and the cushions (which still need covers) for about $63.00 inculding tax!!! (these were in excellent condition too!)

I thought that was a good deal until I got home… when I found out that it was an amazing deal. I googled the chair and found it … the regular price (which is what Potterybarn.com is selling it for is … $799.00 for ONE!!! amazing!! That’s 97% off!!!

Who in their right mind would pay $799.00 for this in the first place!?!?!

Either way if you have a Potterybarn Outlet near you check it out… quick!!

Now I just have to find covers, or make some!!

Here’s a picture of it Click the image… to go to Potterybarn’s website…

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