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We have been terrible procrastinators since we moved in January. We had started a lot of projects but they have been sitting unfinished for a while now. This past weekend we kicked it into high gear and got stuff done!

Here is a run down of the projects we’ve finished up:


Made cute sign for the garden:

(thanks to Sarah at Uppercase Living)





Our sunroom looks like a greenhouse with all the seedlings. We started a few dozen more seeds:


And at last my shelves are up for the spices:

(note: we actually had some shelves up and they were super weak so I went out to Home Depot and got these, they can hold up to 85 lbs! Much better than the other shelves that could only hold 3 lbs)



Curtian Rods are hung in the livingroom:


Finished Pillows for the sunroom furniture!

While I was away in CT I stopped in at Pottery Barn and walked out with these yellow cushion covers. It was a lot easier than sewing them myself (which was my original plan).



The picture above is where I took my nap after we finished all of these projects! I’m still pretty tired!

Today is Wednesday, so be sure to pop over to We Are That Family  for other great Works for Me Wednesday posts!


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Planning the Garden


Planning the Garden

 We sat down recently and tried to tackle the planning for our garden this year.

Last year we lived in a tiny apartment and had only about 5×10 garden space. We grew tomatoes, peppers, carrots, onions snap peas, cucumbers, zucchini and lettuce. Of these listed vegetables we only had successful tomatoes, snap peas and lettuce. The rest were a flop!

We are so excited to have a 47’x30′ garden area!! It’s huge! We’ve decided to try using the Squarefoot Gardening technique in part of the garden. Hoping that this will cut down on the weeding and make it easier to harvest the vegetables. It sounds like a great way to go.

Here’s the space we have to work with:

Garden space

Below are the two books that we used to do most of our research.

Gardening Books

Next we sat down with graph paper and pens (we couldn’t find pencils anywhere in the house, this was a bad way to go!). About 2 1/2 hours later we had little to show for our time. We just couldn’t decide what to do. Finally we decided to stop over thinking it and came up with a plan. I broke out the laptop and decided to use my friendly Excel program instead of graph paper. I’m not really a pen and paper girl, and I just love Excel! So we created a plan.

Garden Plan


This weekend we headed to one of our favorite shops in Lancaster

Space to Grow

The owner, Dwight gave us tons of help and answered every question we had – and there were a lot of questions! If you live in the area you’ve got to stop in and check it out! It’s right around the corner from Central Market!

So we bought a bunch of seeds and will start some seeds inside soon.


We wanted to purchase our seeds from Seeds of Change and were happy to see that Space to Grow sold them!

I’ll be posting updates as we start our seeds inside and get the garden ready once it’s warmer outside.

 Even Claire is getting in the gardening spirit – I wanted to get her excited about gardening so I bought her a little daisy plant at a craft store. She planted the seed a few weeks ago. We’ve been watering and watching the tiny pot every day. Last week to Claire’s surprise a sprout popped up!



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