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I’m participating in Works For Me Wednesdays today! Be sure to check out all the other great ideas at We Are That Family

I’m an idea person. Is anyone else out there like me? I always have a ton of ideas in my brain but if I don’t write them down then it’s a lost cause. I love projects, crafts, cooking and planning events. To keep all of that organized I used to have papers all over the place and a Microsoft Word file for  each idea. It got very unorganized, until I found Microsoft One Note!

One Note is like having a notebook on your computer. Sounds so exciting right?!? Not really. But it is. Here is a screen-shot of one of my “Notebooks” in One Note…

My Cookbook:



I’ve been using this cookbook to record all the recipes that I find online and want to try. All I do is copy the recipe off the web and past it on to a ‘page’ in one note.

Each notebook has tabs at the top and tabs down the right side. The top tabs are used as “Catergories’ or ‘Sections. I use the top tabs to divide my cookbook in to catergories like you see above (Appitizers, Breakfast, Breads, Beef Entrees, Beans, Baking, Chicken Entrees, etc.).  The side tabs are the individual ‘pages’ or recipes.

If you copy and paste something from the web or from another document on your computer a link will appear at the bottom of the page. That link will direct you back to the original. This is super helpful when you copy things off of websites and can’t remember where you found it! I love it!

Here are a few other ‘notebooks’ that I have in One Note

  • Craft Notebook: I use  to copy and paste tutorials and ideas.
  • Blog Notebook: I use to organize the ideas and posts for my blog and a
  • Home Notebook: I use to organize ideas I find online for decorating, gift ideas, planning holidays and garden. Many of these pages will soon be printed out and into my Home Management Book – more on that soon!)

What?? You don’t have One Note?? You can read more about it at the official Microsoft website. If you don’t want to shell out so much dough I found some similar products onine that do pretty much the same thing. I’m sure there are others but this is what I could find this morning. Some of these are free so check them out! 

Google Notebook, EverNotePersonalBrain, Circus Ponies


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I have been having a hard time finding label refills for my P-Touch label maker, so I’ll be postponing my great File Overhaul for a few days. But I’m getting ready, the piles of paperwork are ready too!

I wanted to share about a nice little product that I was introduced to by Money Saving Mom . It was a great deal last week at my local grocery stores so I thought I’d give it a try.

I love using fresh herbs when cooking but in the winter it’s sometimes hard to run out to get the herbs that you need for a recipe. Well I was cooking one of my favorite recipes Farfalle with Zucchini. It calls for some fancy lemon basil, which I did not have. I didn’t even have any fresh basil so I popped out this new product:

Dorot Frozen herbs.

These are cute little cubes of frozen herbs. 1 cube = 1 tsp of the herb. They have a variety of herbs to choose from. For this recipe I needed Basil.

I plopped in 4 cubes (4 teaspoons) into the recipe

And the final product – see those pretty little specks of basil. The flavor was great. I’ll be stocking up on these for wintertime cooking!

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